I am an American woman living in England. I love everything about Japan. I have two shiba inu. I also love kimono kitsuke.


My husband and myself took our shiba inu to view the autumn leaves. Azuki and Cassey had a wonderful time. Shiba looks good with Autumn leaves right?

私達はイギリスに住んでいる。 昨日私の夫および自分自身は私達の柴犬秋の葉を見るためにを取った。 小豆くんとカーシちゃんおよびはすばらしいひとときを過ごした。秋とよい柴犬の一見は正しく去るか,ね?
Momiji in England

Cassey leaves

Azuki leaves


When I met maiko and geiko from Miyagawa-cho
Last May I met geisha in England! Can you believe it? Miehina 三重雛 a maiko-san 麻衣子 and Fumiyu 富美ゆ a geiko-san 芸子 came to England from Miyagawa-cho 宮川ちょ in Kyoto 京都. Peter MacIntosh ピターマキントシ brought them over and he was their translator. I was so honoured to meet such lovely ladies. We had a great time spending nearly a week together. They did lovely dancing and were so friendly.

Fumiyu, April, Miehina
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